Founded in 1970, Steel Structures DIN S.A. Argentina, has uninterruptedly developed its activity in the manufacturing of metal structures.

In the beginning, we offered construction services “self-supporting ceilings”. Eventually, these small constructions led to new challenges.

In the early 80’s, already located in a new plant in Escobar, Buenos Aires, DIN S.A. began a new stage of accelerated evolution with important constructions and the incorporation of new software tools that allowed us to solve structural conditions in no time. Therefore, manufacturing plants, highway bridges and logistics centres were built, setting up DIN name in the local market.

Some of the projectsundertakenback then were the industrial plants of Gancia, Imetal, Argentine Precision Valves, Nokia, Dimpe, Kusiel and Panama Weaving in the province of San Juan. Meanwhile, Drean, Spar, Belmo, Cabelma, Astrojet, Cannon, among other plants, were built in San Luis province; Sanyo, Philco, ITT, Talent, Surrey and Panasonic in Tierra del Fuego.

Today, we feel proud of this team of over 150 professionals and technicians to serve our customers.